Construction and Engineering Industry

Boost project delivery, reduce costs, and optimise resource management across your Construction and Engineering projects with IFS solutions.

How Solutions Can Help Construction & Engineering

Improved Project Delivery

Streamline project planning, scheduling, and execution with real-time data access, robust collaboration tools, and advanced analytics. Leverage AI-powered progress monitoring to track project status in real-time and identify potential delays proactively. 

Enhanced Cost Control

Gain real-time insights into project costs, identify and mitigate risks early, and optimise resource allocation for better budgeting. Utilise AI for cost forecasting and risk prediction, allowing for more accurate budgeting and informed decision-making. 

Optimised Resource Management

Effectively manage your workforce, equipment, and materials to ensure on-time project completion and resource utilisation. Integrate Internet of Things (IoT) sensors with equipment to monitor performance remotely, predict maintenance needs, and optimise resource scheduling.

Advanced Quality Management

Leverage AI-powered quality control processes to identify defects early and reduce rework. Integrate IoT sensors for real-time quality monitoring during construction and fabrication. 

Streamlined Communication & Collaboration

Foster seamless communication and collaboration across teams and disciplines with centralised project data and communication platforms. Utilise AI-powered document management to automate document classification and retrieval, improving accessibility for project stakeholders. 

Cloud: Modernising Construction & Engineering

IFS Cloud, the latest version of IFS Applications, offers a powerful cloud-based solution specifically designed for the needs of the Construction & Engineering industry. It seamlessly integrates all the applications mentioned above, providing a unified platform for: 

Project Management

Plan, schedule, and execute projects with real-time data visibility and advanced analytics.

Contract Management

Manage contracts effectively, track project milestones, and ensure compliance with contractual obligations. 

Cost Management

Gain real-time insights into project costs, identify and mitigate risks early, and optimise resource allocation. 

Advanced Quality Management

Utilise AI and IoT for advanced quality control processes throughout the project lifecycle.

Document Management

Leverage AI-powered document management for efficient document classification, retrieval, and collaboration.

Enterprise Service Management (ESM)

Streamline service requests, manage equipment maintenance, and ensure optimal equipment performance. 

: Your Trusted IFS Partner for Construction & Manufacturing Industry Success

Covalent offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to address specific challenges faced by service organisations using IFS solutions: 

Enjoy Everything in the Latest Version of IFS Cloud

Harness the full potential of your manufacturing operations with the latest version of IFS Cloud, a comprehensive, cloud-based ERP solution designed to meet the specific needs of the construction industry. 

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