Covalent Integrations

Connect IFS with Your Business Tools

Covalent bridges the gap between IFS and best of breed third-party applications with our pre-built integrations. By leveraging the most effective tools for specific functions, businesses can gain a competitive edge. Best-of-breed solutions often provide unique capabilities that can enhance operational efficiency, improve customer service, and drive innovation. 

Streamline your IFS experience with powerful Integrations

Microsoft AI

Convert emails and PDFs to Supplier Invoices in IFS using Microsoft AI. This integration leverages advanced AI capabilities to automate the conversion process, streamlining invoice management and reducing manual data entry.

Microsoft Outlook

Keep service technicians organised with IFS Work Orders synchronised with Outlook calendars. This allows service technicians to manage their daily schedule using just one tool, simplifying their administration and enhancing productivity.


Using our Brevo integration, you can track the delivery of invoices and determine if customers have received or read the email. This capability helps reduce aged debt, improving cash flow, and promptly identifies any issues with invoice receipt within IFS.

Google Maps

This integration facilitates address verification using Google Maps within IFS, ensuring accurate location data for improved logistical operations and customer service. Traffic tracking and alternative route suggestion also help to map more efficient journeys.


Simplify the e-signature process with dynamic templates. Pre-fill contracts, NDAs, warranties, and other documents with IFS data before sending them for signatures. Signed documents are automatically archived back to IFS, and the status of all documents is tracked within IFS.

PandaDocCraft Ecommerce

Integrate Craft and IFS to enable customer onboarding, order entry, order history, stock checking, and credit checking all within the Craft platform but powered by IFS. This integration streamlines e-commerce operations and enhances customer experience.


Place orders through Magento on credit or by taking payment upfront. See stock levels, customer information, order status, and transaction history. This integration streamlines order fulfilment, improves product availability online, and enhances the overall customer experience.


Improve customer insights, operational efficiency, and customer service with bi-directional integration between Salesforce and IFS. This integration seamlessly connects customer data, products, opportunities, and quotations, enhancing business processes and customer relationship management.


Our integration with HubSpot synchronises CRM data, ensuring smooth coordination and improved efficiency in managing customer data. This integration streamlines the workflow of scheduling meetings, capturing submissions and more.

Microsoft Exchange

Our MS Exchange integration enables seamless synchronisation of emails with IFS, ensuring that all your email communications are automatically synced with IFS, allowing for better management and tracking of correspondences related to your business processes.

Benefits of Covalent Integrations

Enhanced Data Security

Our secure and reliable integrations ensure safe data exchange between IFS and third-party applications.

Faster Implementation

Get started quickly with pre-built integrations, avoiding lengthy development cycles.

Improved Workflow Efficiency

Streamline data exchange and business processes to boost productivity.

Increased Reliability

Experience consistent and dependable data flow between your applications.

Custom Integration Needs?

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