Service Industry

Enhance your service organisation's capabilities in field service, asset-intensive industries, or property and facilities management. Here's how IFS solutions can empower your business.

How Solutions Can Help the Service Industry

Optimised Operations & Productivity

Streamline processes, improve scheduling and resource allocation, and minimise downtime with powerful mobile tools and real-time data access. 

Exceptional Customer Service

Deliver a seamless customer experience through faster response times, improved first-time fix rates, and proactive maintenance capabilities. 

Maximised Asset Performance

Leverage AI-powered predictive maintenance to predict equipment failures, minimise downtime, and extend asset lifespan. 

Data-Driven Decisions

Reduce errors and maintain consistent product quality with robust quality management features. 

Products for Service Industry Excellence

Covalent offers a comprehensive suite of IFS solutions designed to empower your manufacturing operations: 

Field Service Management (FSM)

Optimise field service operations, manage work orders, track technician activity, and improve first-time fix rates. 

Asset Management (EAM)

Proactively manage your assets, predict maintenance needs, and minimise downtime to ensure optimal asset performance. 

Service Management (SM)

Deliver exceptional customer service with a central platform for managing customer interactions, service requests, and complaints. 

™ Internet of Things (IoT)

Leverage sensor data to gain real-time insights into your operations, predict equipment failures, and improve preventative maintenance strategies. 

Key Benefits of Cloud for Service Industry

Scalability & Agility

Adapt to changing needs by scaling resources up or down as required. Cloud deployment eliminates upfront hardware costs and allows for quicker implementation. 

Reduced IT Burden

IFS Cloud manages infrastructure and maintenance, freeing your IT team for strategic initiatives. 

Improved Collaboration

Cloud-based solutions enable real-time collaboration between field technicians, back-office staff, and customers, regardless of location. 

Enhanced Security

IFS Cloud leverages robust security protocols and data centres to ensure the safety of your business data.

Automatic Updates

Always benefit from the latest features with automatic updates delivered through the cloud. 

: Your Trusted IFS Partner for Service Industry Success

Covalent offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to address specific challenges faced by service organisations using IFS solutions: 

Enjoy Everything in the Latest Version of IFS Cloud

Harness the full potential of your field operations with the latest version of IFS Cloud, a comprehensive, cloud-based ERP solution designed to meet the specific needs of the service industry. 

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