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Transform your business with our IFS solutions. Benefit from expert consulting, support, and development services crafted to optimise workflows and drive success

Comprehensive IFS solutions

Covalent offers a diverse collection of pre-built products and customisable solutions for key wide range of key domains.

Support as a service

Expert assistance available 24/7. Our Support as a Service (SaaS) ensures ongoing support from experts, keeping your system smooth and swiftly resolving issues.

IFS Hosting Solutions

Focus on your business, not infrastructure. Our secure IFS hosting, with our own solutions, ensures availability and accessibility, reliably managing your environment.


Break down data silos with our tailored integrations. Our expertise ensures seamless connections between IFS and your existing apps, eliminating duplication and streamlining workflows.

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Industry Experience

Decades of combined industry experience.

Customer Centricity

Unwavering focus on customer satisfaction.


We conduct ourselves with honesty and accountability.

Strong Partnerships

We enrich our offerings and provide our clients with effective solutions.

Collaborative Culture

Our culture fosters collaboration, innovation, and teamwork.

Ethical Standards

Upholding the highest ethical standards is fundamental to how we operate.

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Covalent provides a diverse range of IFS solutions,covering deployment, support, and inegration across various domains, alongside bespoke applications tailored to specific needs

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