Covalent Bespoke Apps

Unleash the potential of your IFS Applications with Custom-Built Apps for enhanced On-Site efficiency

Covalent Integrations goes beyond being just an IFS partner. We offer a suite of bespoke mobile applications designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing IFS Cloud environment, empowering your field operations and streamlining critical workflows. Discover how our specialised apps enhance Health and Safety management, optimise Proof of Delivery processes, and support your mobile workforce. 

Empower your workforce with Covalent Bespoke Apps

Health & Safety

Real-Time Team Status Updates: Easily update team availability, track progress, and conduct safety checks – all from a central hub.

Enhanced Visibility: Gain immediate insights into on-site operations for better decision-making.

Seamless Integration: Works smoothly with your existing systems, no data silos.

Expert Support: Leverage Covalent’s expertise for smooth operation.

Proof of Delivery

Streamlined Supply Chain: Boost efficiency with real-time order tracking and item delivery updates.

Effortless Integration: Aligns perfectly with your current workflows.

Improved Control and Accuracy: 

  • Google Maps Integration: Leverages Google Maps API for optimal route planning and   navigation, ensuring efficient deliveries. (Additional fees may apply)
  • What3Words Verification: Gains pinpoint location verification with What3Words technology. This innovative system assigns a unique three-word address to every location, enhancing accuracy, especially in areas with complex addressing systems.

Mobile Work Order

Well-Equipped Workforce

Equip your field technicians with the tools they need to create, manage, and update work orders on the go.

Seamless Workflow

Effortless integration with your existing systems for a smooth flow.

Real-Time Collaboration

Ensure seamless field operations with real-time task management and updates.


Enhanced Efficiency

Boost efficiency and productivity for your field technicians.

Benefits of Choosing Covalent Bespoke Apps

Improved On-Site Efficiency

Streamline critical workflows and gain greater visibility into field operations.

Seamless Integration

Our apps seamlessly integrate with your existing business systems.

Real-Time Visibility

Gain real-time updates on team progress, deliveries, and work order completion.


Stronger Field Performance

Equip your field personnel with the tools they need for optimal results.


Expertise & Support

Leverage Covalent’s expertise in deployment, maintenance, and solution crafting.

Covalent Bespoke Apps

Empowering Your Field Teams for Peak Performance

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