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Managing builds and modifications for your IFS application can be a constant drain on your resourcesIt requires careful planning, execution, and ongoing maintenance to ensure stability and functionality. Covalent’s comprehensive build and mod management solutions offer a robust and technically-focused approach to streamline your IFS application lifecycle, freeing you to focus on what matters most: your core business. 

Benefits of Covalent's Technical Approach

Reduced Errors and Risk

Our well-defined processes and expert guidance ensure consistent, reliable application builds. This minimises errors during deployments and reduces the risk of unexpected issues and application instability. 

Enhanced Efficiency

Streamlined workflows and robust version control systems save time and resources. You can focus on core business activities while Covalent handles the complexities of build and mod management. 

Improved Control and Visibility

Clear procedures and robust version control systems provide granular oversight and control over your IFS environment. You can easily track all changes, facilitate rollbacks if necessary, and maintain a clear audit trail for every modification made.

Faster Time to Value

Efficient processes accelerate the delivery of new features and updates. This allows you to quickly respond to changing business needs and maximise the value you get from your IFS application. 

Repeatable and Predictable Deployments

Covalent’s standardised approach ensures consistent and predictable deployment processes, minimising surprises and disruptions during rollouts. 

Enhanced Maintainability

Our focus on clear version control and documentation facilitates easier maintenance of your IFS application over time. This translates to quicker troubleshooting and reduced complexity when addressing future issues. 

Covalent's approach to IFS Build Place Mod Management

Covalent recognises the complexities involved in managing builds and modifications for IFS applications. Our approach focuses on leveraging technical expertise and a collaborative process to deliver a solution tailored to your specific needs. This ensures efficient and streamlined management of your IFS lifecycle. 

Collaborative Planning & Analysis

We collaborate with you to define key functionalities and user journeys requiring testing.


Tailored Build Place Mod Strategy

Leveraging our in-depth analysis, we craft a bespoke build and mod management strategy tailored to your specific requirements. This strategy outlines clear workflows, robust version control protocols, and processes for managing customisations (mods) to minimise risk and ensure application integrity.


Seamless Deployment Management

Our experienced testers develop robust test scripts to simulate user actions and validate system behaviour.


Rigorous Testing & Quality Assurance

Covalent seamlessly integrates your build and mod management process with meticulous testing practices. This meticulous approach ensures the stability and functionality of your IFS application throughout its lifecycle, from initial builds to ongoing modifications.


Ongoing Support & Expertise

Our partnership extends beyond deployment. Covalent provides ongoing support and expert guidance to ensure your IFS application continues to evolve and meet your changing business needs.


Focus on Your Core Business, Not Build and Mod Challenges

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