Remote IFS Teams

Enhance your business with remote IFS teams that work exclusively on your project. Our team have decades of experience in all functional areas of IFS applications.

Our Remote Dedicated Teams service offers a unique solution that goes beyond traditional outsourcing. We provide you with a dedicated team of professionals who work exclusively for you, aligning closely with your business goals and operations. 

What our Remote Dedicated Teams offer

Close Collaboration

Our team works alongside your in-house staff, ensuring regular communication and alignment with your objectives.

Direct Communication

Benefit from direct and continuous interaction with your dedicated team members. 

Customised Solutions

Receive solutions tailored specifically to your business needs and objectives. 

Remote Dedicated Teams vs. Outsourcing

Remote Dedicated Teams

  • Close alignment with your business goals 
  • Full control over processes and results 
  • Direct, frequent communication 
  • Specialised skills tailored to your industry 
  • Long-term commitment 


  • Limited alignment with business goals
  • Variable control over outcomes
  • Mediated, less frequent communication
  • General skills
  • Short-term focus 

Our Approach to Remote Dedicated Teams

Custom Team Assembly

We handpick team members to meet your specific requirements. 

Continuous Support

Enjoy ongoing support and performance monitoring. 

Scalable Solutions

Easily scale your team up or down as your business needs change. 

Proven Success

We have a history of successful partnerships and delivering exceptional results. 

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