Test Automation for IFS Applications

Experience faster, reliable IFS Cloud deployments with Covalent's automated testing, built for the Evergreen update model.

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Accelerate reliable deployments for your IFS Cloud environment with Covalent’s automated testing solution for IFS Apps. Built for the Evergreen update model, our approach minimises disruption and streamlines the process, ensuring a smooth IFS Cloud experience. 

Benefits of Test Automation by Covalent

Covalent offers a diverse collection of pre-built products and customisable solutions for key wide range of key domains.

Reduced Testing Time and Costs

Automate repetitive tasks for faster deployments.

Enhanced Accuracy and Consistency

Eliminate human error for consistent, reliable testing. 

Early Defect Detection

Identify and address issues early to minimise redundant work and delays.

Improved Quality and Reliability

Gain unwavering confidence in your IFS deployments. 

Covalent's IFS Test Automation Process

Test Case Definition

We collaborate with you to define key functionalities and user journeys requiring testing.


Framework Selection

Based on your project complexity and requirements, we recommend the most suitable framework (Selenium or Leapwork).


Automated Script Development

Our experienced testers develop robust test scripts to simulate user actions and validate system behavior.


Test Execution and Reporting

We execute automated tests and provide detailed reports with clear pass/fail indications and actionable insights.


Continuous Improvement

We work closely with you to refine test cases and adapt automation strategies for ongoing success.


Don't let frequent IFS updates slow you down

Leverage Covalent's automated testing services to achieve efficient and reliable deployments. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs!


Our Tailored Approach


  • An ideal choice for smaller projects or well-defined functionalities. Selenium delivers a robust and cost-effective approach to automating essential test cases, providing reliability and efficiency that help streamline your software development process.


  • Effortless Automation for IFS Cloud. Leapwork’s user-friendly, codeless interface makes it perfect for any user, regardless of technical background. It offers advanced automation capabilities for comprehensive testing coverage, ensuring a smooth IFS Cloud experience. 

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Covalent offers a diverse collection of pre-built products and customisable solutions for key wide range of key domains.

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